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Company profile

Company profile

Jinlun Metal Ware Co., Ltd established in 2001 and located in Foshan, China, it owns 38000M2 area and the production department takes around 20000M2 of it. Jinlun is specailized in sofa legs, table legs, hooks, tubes and handles for more than 20 years, the materials have steel, aluminum & zinc; many colors like chrome/nickel, matt chrome/nickel, brushed chrome/nickel, antique bronze, brass/golden, anodized and powder coating are available. Production capacity monthly is around 6,000,000 pcs for the metal legs, There are many advanced facilities in the workshops, such as Shee...


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There are many advanced facilities in the workshops, such as Sheet metal cutting machines: 2 sets, Pipes cutting machines: 6 sets Punching machines:18 sets, Plastic Injection machines: 2 sets. Die casting machines: 3 sets, Drilling machines: 9 sets. Tapping machines: 8 sets, Polishing machines: 16 sets. Welding units: 6 sets, Slat Spray test machine: 1 set. Packing machines: 2 set. Jinlun also has well-trained workers, strict management, and has been authorized by...


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